Vetanmaan is a cutting-edge, web based payroll management software catering to the needs of Commercial/ Government Organizations. It helps to streamline the payroll and associated processes ensuring easy transition to paperless, online payroll processing solution resulting in reduced manpower and efficient payroll processing.

Vetanmaan online payroll syatem helps you to streamline all aspects of the payroll processing system. It has an intuitive and user-friendly interface; modules are integrated and can be customized for varying business needs, covering all aspects of payroll requirement across industries in India.

Flexible Structure building capability of Earnings & Deductions Head
  • Flexibility to add or modify any number of Salary Components – Earning & Deduction.
  • User defined Calculation method on Earning & Deduction Heads.

Leave & Attendance Management
  • User definable Leaves like CL, PL SL etc.
  • Leave Crediting Rules are user-definable.
  • Yearly/Monthly/Quarterly crediting of Leaves can be defined by user.
  • Carry forward facility for Balance Leave.
  • Leave utilization and balance can be checked.
  • Submission of Online Leave Application & Supporting workflow.

Personel Management
Human resource is the most valuable asset of any organization. Employee Information System provides extensive and comprehensive features to maintain and tracks employee information, it not only allows you to maintain information about your current employees but also the information of all those employees who have left your organization.

In traditional systems employee data is scattered in multiple places, consolidating and synchronizing this scattered employee data is very difficult. In Vetanmaan, Employee information not only centralizes the employee data making it is very easy to update it, once any changes take place in your organization. Vetanmaan Online Payroll Software can capture the below information of your employees: –

  • Employee Code, Number, Name, etc
  • Date of joining, Date of leaving, last increment date.
  • Employee type like staff/worker, holiday calendar and pay structure.
  • Quickly search what you are looking for by name, department, designation, city.
  • Employee contact information such as permanent and local address.
  • Employee statutory information like Provident Fund, ESI and Income Tax.
  • Personal information such as father/spouse name, Marital Status, Sex, Religious, Children, date of birth, etc.
  • Employment information such as departemnt, designation, Pay grade, Location etc.
  • History of Salary Details
  • Photo/Sign Image
  • Complete History of Employee Movement between Branched/Department/Grades/Designations

Payroll Processing
  • Input information for all newly joined employees and mark the employees who left.
  • Create a new payroll Month & process salary by single click.
  • Process & Print pay slip for groups or for selected Employees.
  • Lock month facility to avoid changes in previous process month.
  • Temporary correction in case changes are required in previous process month data.
  • Grade Based calculations for Basic Salary – Either through automatic Increment or by accepting a confirmation.
  • Arrear Calculations
    • By way of Revision in Days-Paid-For OR
    • Byway of Revision in Salary which may be effective from any previous Date

Bank Transfer
  • Bank Transfer Statement.
  • Bank Transfer through Excel files

PF Calculation & Reports
  • User defined PF Rate of Deduction for Employer & Employee.
  • Employer and Employee Contribution
  • Automatic bifurcation of EPF & EPS
  • PF applicability for each employee
  • Options to Limit Maximum Salary for PF Deduction
  • PF Challan, PF Monthly, PF Monthly Summary, PF Consolidated Contribution (16A) & PF Employee Report (3A)

ESIC Calculation & Reports
  • User defined ESIC Rate of Deduction for Employer & Employee.
  • ESIC applicability check at Employee Level
  • ESIC register, ESI Challan, ESI Monthly Report, Form 5

Loan Processing
  • User definable Loan by User.
  • Number of Installments and amount of Installment is user definable
  • Loan disbursement option with EMI Option
  • Automatic stoppage of loan-deduction on completion
  • Interest may also be applied depending on the company policy
  • Interest may be deducted as part of EMI, at the end-of-Principal Loan.

Income Tax Calculation for TDS
  • Employee Declaration.
  • Auto calculations of Exemptions & Deductions and Compute Income Tax payable for the entire year & tax to be paid for current month.
  • Auto calculation of TDS based on Projections
  • Income tax projections with the options to deduct projected TDS from Monthly Salary

User Defined Reports
  • User defined reports with the option from available fields.

Employee Self Service Module
  • Each Employee is provided with an online account.
  • Submission/Sanctioning of Leave Application.

User Rights / Security
  • Users can be created
  • User Level Rights can be created and managed.
  • Role based Security Model/ Assign Rights to Payroll Officers for different groups of employees.

Software Architecture
  • Completely Web based products
  • Designed using state of art technology - ASP.Net + MS SQL
  • Three tier architecture.

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